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The Natural Athlete's Clinic strives to provide only the best natural health products around. Check out our natural health product reviews!
Based on 483 reviews
Trish (Phoenix)
Great product

My NMD introduced this to me several years ago. It's a perfect daily supplement to help keep your immunity up. I have seen a big difference in the frequency and severity of illnesses since taking it. As a teacher surrounded by little petri dishes, this is my solid go-to daily supplement.

Tranquility Formula
Liebson Liebson (Oro Valley)
Helps with Anxiety & Sleep

I have been using Tranquility for several months and find that it helps to neutralize anxiety and also helps me fall asleep.

Digestive Formula
Amie (Santa Fe)
Best digestive supplement’

This supplement works! I have used for years and take when I am eating meat or fats and it keeps my digestive system happy! No heartburn, gas or pain! I HIGHLY recommend!!

HTN Support
Barb F (Phoenix)
Great product!

I have used this product for a year. It keeps me y blood pressure in check and I feel great on it.

Tendon & Ligament Repair
Nancy from Main (Augusta)
Tendon and ligament support

I am a lifelong athlete, years as a fitness and spinning and yoga, instructor, and started walking/hiking 4 to 6 miles a day and snowshoeing in the winter daily. I have had Achilles tendinopathy for a couple of years now. I have been taking this product for a month. I think I am noticing a difference. I am pretty far along in my healing process, but I am noticing that my tendon feels stronger. I got very good feedback from physical therapy appointment yesterday. He notices quite a big difference in my strength levels and he feels that my body mechanics have improved greatly. I think this product has played an important role.

Great to hear Nancy and we hope your healing progresses quickly!

Greens First PRO
nancy iannelli (Mesa)
Love this stuff

Recommended by my naturopath. Take it every morning . Great way to start the day with energy and clarity. I don't ever want to stop taking this.

Ultra High Formula
J Smith (Honolulu)
10 great years of health

My physician recommended Ultra High Formula over 10 years ago and I’ve taken 2 tablets daily ever since. I don’t chat with folks about my health regime, but my husband noticed that i rarely got sick from “whatever’s going around”. — so he asked to try Ultra High (5 years ago) and now he won’t miss a day either. My son moved in with us (with his wife and 2 kids) for a few months last fall. My daughter in law noticed that I rarely get sick, while they struggled with chronic bouts of sniffles, coughs, sore throats, etc. I gave her some to Ultra High and guess what? She dodged several rounds of common colds and now gives it to her whole family. Coincidence? I think not. Try this product! It’s really great.

Wow thank you sharing your experience with Ultra High! It's our daily go-to as well!

Sleep Easy Formula
Ellen Roy Day (Albuquerque)
Tremendous product

I have struggled with sleep all my life, but Sleep Easy has given me my life back as I know sleep 7 hours a night! It is the best product I have used-and I have tried many things.

Great to hear, Ellen! Sleep Easy is the best for insomnia!

Tranquility Formula
Tiffany McDonald (Surprise)
Amazing product

The best supplement for anxiety/ panic attacks every time I feel anxiety coming on I take this supplement and within 20-30 I truly feel a lot more calm.

Glad it's so helpful for you, Tiffany!

Men’s Wellness Bundle
can yetiş (Tonasket)
Spell help right.

Spell check is good

HTN Support
Angela Bennett (Hillsboro)
great bp help

HTN keeps my blood pressure down. I ran out of the supplement and found my blood pressure climbing.

Digestive Formula
RM, Beaverton (Beaverton)
Great for my tummy!

I have been taking this supplement for awhile. My digestion has been so much. better since using it!

It's great stuff!

HTN Support
Hattie Wallace (Phoenix)
Great natural support!

I am feeling more like myself with help from HTN support. I've managed my blood pressure for several years with it. Keeps me on track.

Shortens length of colds/flu

Immuni-T has all right ingredients that helped shorten my down time when I’ve had the flu and colds, without having to take several other supplements.

It's great stuff and glad it's working for you, Nancy!

Cholesterol Support
Blood tests do not lie!

After two heart attacks in 2018 and 2020 I was frustrated and didn’t feel good at all on prescription meds. Got off the drugs and started using Cholesterol Support two years ago. Every six months blood work shows my cholesterol numbers are good! I feel better, no side effects, and back to work. Very happy with this product.

Wow! Great to hear!

Greens First PRO
Maddi Wilson (Denver)

I drink the greens first pro every morning! It’s a great way to start the day feeling great.

We love it too!

Correct Toes
Purpleorchid (Ponte Vedra)
Correct Toes have saved my feet!!!

I truly love how these Correct Toes have helped my feet and toes. I am 68 years old and very active. Thought I was going to have to have surgery but now wearing these daily has helped me so much! So happy I found them. Highly recommend them.

So great to hear this!

HTN Support
Barb F (Prescott)
Keeps my blood pressure in check!

Awesome product. I've used it for a year and will continue to do so. It's a game-changer for me. My blood pressure is normalized and I'm getting off Western medicine for my pressure.

Thyroid Support Complex
Amazing product and customer service

I've been utilizing this product for a out 6 months now with amazing results. I definitely notice when I go without. So when I hadn't received my last order or had it shipped I notified the NAC. Apparently there was a miscommunication on their end. Not only did they quickly fix it, they expedited my shipping and added a whole extra months worth of my so needed supplement. This in itself is a blessing as I am not working at the time and am trying to do everything possible to save my pennies. Thank you again!!!!!

Daniel Fiala (Scribner)

Been using Phytoprofen for quite some time. It was recommended by a friend who is in the pain and sports rehabilitation business. I decided to try it to see if it would help with my prostate issues. As a result my annual lab work shows that my PSA count is back down to 4 to 5 which is a safe level for prostate cancer patients. Can't prove that Phytoprofen is the reason for my safe count now but really think that it is the reason for the change.

Always My Go To!

I've been taking these for more than 6 months and found them very beneficial! I used to buy directly from the Thorne site but they always seem out of stock. Here at the Natural Athletic Clinic they are quickly shipped and I get a yummy snack 😋.

Glad you find them helpful, Caity!

Ligament Restore
Lisa Cox (Plano)
Ligament Restore

This is really helping my tendonitis. I am feeling better and just ordered a second bottle. This works!

Great to hear, Lisa!

Tranquility Formula
Gloria Wahlin (Missoula)

My Naturopathic Doc suggested I take Tranquility to help with anxiety. I don’t have super high anxiety, but I guess mild. Anyways, it's helped . It honestly has. I take two in the morning and it’s working.

Nitric Oxide Support
Sharilyn Wilkerson (Lahaina)
Eases restless legs.

Since having heart surgery I get restless legs and arms and this really helps. Initially I wasn't sure of its efficacy, so I stopped for a month and sure enough the restlessness returned, so I got another order and the restlessness eased off again. I use Nitric Oxide support daily and if I haven't had an active day with lots of movement in my body, I taken an extra dose in the evening. This is a good product and I am pleased with it.

Great to hear, Sharilyn!

Probiotic Complex
Barb F (Prescott)
Absolutely the bestr!

I take this faithfully every day. I have severe gut issues due to years on antibiotics, but not anymore! I can eat food without any bloating or digestion problems.

Great news so glad it's been helpful for you Barb!