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Injinji Performance Toe Socks

Free toe socks with purchase of Correct Toes

Simply Use Coupon Code: FREESOCKS

*Free pair of injinji toe socks with every purchase of Correct Toes. Simply use coupon code: FREESOCKS after adding the pair of socks you want to your cart 

Why trap all five toes in one sock? Injinji Performance toe socks give your toes the freedom they're designed for - freedom of movement, extra comfort and added protection.  Walkers, runners, and hikers - you'll love the way your toes (and feet!) feel with a pair of Injinji performance toe socks on. 

  • Made with wicking CoolMax® fiber
  • Outer shell is made of durable, yet comfortable nylon for a long life
  • Available in white, grey or black
  • All foot sizes available

Shop Injinji athletic toe socks for sale today!

The new light weight version makes it even more comfortable to wear with Correct Toes.  Just slip a pair on, slide your Correct Toes over them, and you'll have a whole new experience on your feet!

Injinji Toe Sock Sizing Guide

 Injinji Sock Size

Women's Shoe Size

Men's Shoe Size

Small US Size 6-8.5 US Size 5-7.5
Medium US Size 9-11.5 US Size 8-10.5
Large US Size 12+ US Size 11-13

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Scarlet Johnson (West Tisbury)
Toe socks

These toe socks are super comfy! Just enough space for each toe without feeling bulky.

Alex (Santa Fe)
Socks that fit like gloves

I do like toed socks and I have enjoyed wearing them. This last order I placed, I could not
figure out how to get the Merino Wool socks and finally gave up. The socks which I received are a mixture of fibers including synthetic and even so they feel ok, I would prefer the all
wool socks. Is there a solution?

Debra Glaze (Corpus Christi)
Best sock ever

I had surgery in November 2021 to correct cricked toes, it didn’t work and toes got worse. So back to redo surgery Nov 2022. Again didn’t work and this times different toes crossed over. They want to do third surgery for a total joint replacement. I researched and found your socks and the correct toes brace. The injinji socks and correct toes allows my to wear shoes, well I found altra shoes from your site too. Has been my life saver. The bottom photo is before first surgery, middle right is after first surgery. Middle left is after second surger and now I live with sock and toe corrector and it truly helps. Thank you for your wonderful service and hope it helps many more.

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story Debra!

Gretchen Smith (Villa Rica)

These socks are amazing. I always wear socks to bed in the winter. These are the warmest I’ve ever been.

Shelly (Blue Island)
Love them!

These are so comfortable! When I can’t wear my correct toes, it still gives me the non-cramped feel! Have to get more!

Great to hear, Shelly!