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Blood Sugar Balance Bundle

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Helps restore healthy blood sugar levels.

These products work synergistically to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, improve insulin balance, and improve metabolic syndrome.

  • Balance blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes
  • Improve insulin balance in metabolic syndrome
  • Helpful for anyone who has a difficult time balancing blood sugar
  • Blood Sugar Balance Bundle Details

    Glycemic Formula helps the body metabolize blood sugar more efficiently by raising insulin levels, lowering blood sugar and improving glucose tolerance.

    Berberine-500 improves blood sugar levels, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, improves insulin response among many other systemic effects to help keep blood sugar in a healthy range.

    Essential Fatty Acids contain the omega-3 fats that are vital in helping maintain a healthy insulin response, support the body’s production of anti-inflammatory compounds, and benefit the heart, brain, joints, muscles and even mood.

    How To Use Blood Sugar Balance Bundle:

  • Directions: Take one capsule of each supplement, twice daily.