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Colds & Flu

Natural remedies for colds and natural remedies for flu can help you beat these illnesses! Viruses cause both colds and flus, and they can’t be treated with antibiotics – antibiotics can only kill bacteria.

Further, 90% of respiratory illnesses (the ones that make us sick all winter long) are viral illnesses as well. The point is, the majority of the bugs that make us sick are viruses…and there are NO effective prescription drugs for them.

And, over the counter medications only work on symptoms. Did you know that most over the counter cold and flu medications contain some combination of alcohol and painkillers? They don’t do anything to help you get rid of the virus, and will only confound your body and make it harder for it to acutally beat the illness. Blog: A brief history of cold treatments

However, there are several great natural remedies for colds and natural remedies for flu that have strong anti-viral effects. Remember, antibiotics don’t boost your immune system, and they can’t kill viruses!  

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Natural medicines can kill viruses and boost immune function – so they get rid of the bugs, and get your immune system fired up to keep the next infection away. (How many times have you gotten sick, finally gotten better, then you get taken down by another illness??).

If you’re getting sick several times a year, your immune system needs support. Frequent illnesses are NOT due to an antibiotic deficiency! Your immune system needs more support through nutrition, lifestyle and natural medicines.

Here are our top natural remedies for colds and flu:

  • Acute immune is great for treating any illness. We recommend this instead of an antibiotic (because antibiotics don’t work on viruses) to clean things up fast! Our top selling natural remedy for colds! Take Acute Immune as soon as you feel like you’re getting sick.
  • Monolaurin is a potent antiviral that works great on colds, flu, and sinusitis. Take this along with Acute Immune for best results.
  • Use  Throat Mist  as soon as you feel that tickle when a sore throat is coming on. This stuff knocks sore throats out, fast!
  • Chronic immune is for long-term protection, such as during a heavy training cycle right before a race, or if you’re around a bunch of sick people and don’t want to catch it. It's ideal for healthy people who are around sick people all the time.
  • Buffered C powder  is a high dose Vitamin C. Great for preventing, and getting rid of colds. It’s also a potent antioxidant!
  • Vitamin D plays a major role in keeping your immune system healthy. The main reason so many people get sick in the winter is NOT because we’re all trapped indoors, as the common theory goes. It’s because we don’t get as much sun (which creates vitamin D in your skin) and levels plummet starting in October. You should take a good vitamin D supplement daily in the winter months.

    *Get a vitamin D blood test next time you’re at your doctor’s. Levels should be above 50! (Standard ranges say above 30...That’s not good enough. You want it above 50.)

Our natural remedies for colds and natural remedies for flu are an ideal way to get healthier, without having to take prescription medications all winter long!

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