Muscle Tears and Regeneration

Muscles can tear anywhere along their length, but the most serious tears occur near the ends of the muscle at the tendons. Tendons attach muscles to bone, and as you can imagine this is a critical area.

A pulled muscle or torn muscle occurs when excessive strain is placed on it; this typically occurs during sudden movements or heavy lifting. We offer a variety of muscle healing supplements and remedies for torn muscles.

Symptoms Of A Torn Muscle

Treatment Of A Muscle Tear

Anti-Inflammatory Formula
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Athletic Nutrients
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Curcumin Relief
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Headsweats Visor
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Klean Creatine
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Klean Electrolytes
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Ligament Restore
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Meriva 500-SF
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Musculoskeletal Injury MSI Formula
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Purist Water Bottle
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Systemic Enzyme Complex
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T-Relief Ointment
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Ultra High Formula
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Wobenzym N
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