Choosing the right natural remedy for constipation can help get you regular, permanently.

Constipation is one of the top digestive complaints that people experience. It leaves you feeling full and bloated, and certainly weighs you down during exercise.  If you aren’t moving your bowels once every day, you are constipated. No, it isn’t true that you should have a BM after every meal – while some may do this, that’s fine but for most of us that isn’t reality.

There are several natural remedies for constipation, several of which should be used if you aren’t going once a day. Our bodies are designed for this and getting things moving is only a matter of getting the digestive process working properly.

One thing to avoid big time are the stimulant laxatives. These are commonly found in over the counter constipation ‘cures’. These contain one or more of the herbs Senna, Cascara, Aloe, Rhubarb or Buckthorn. They are only meant for short-term use. Using them continually leads to dependency – your bowels literally become lazy and won’t move unless stimulated by one of these herbs. Browse below and choose from our wide selection of natural supplements for constipation.

Ways To Naturally Relieve Constipation

Acid Reflux
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Basic Nutrients 2/Day
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Basic Prenatal
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Buffered C Powder
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Digestive Formula
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Headsweats Visor
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HLC High Potency Probiotic
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Lipotropic Complex
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Magnesium Citramate
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Methyl-Guard Plus
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Permeable Gut
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Purist Water Bottle
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