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Food Sensitivity Test

Food Allergens

Food Sensitivity Test Kit

Nagging fatigue? Digestive problems that won't go away? Wheezing, rashes, or other irritating health problems that seem to have no direct cause?

Hidden food sensitivities can be the reason for several health conditions.

Testing for, and subsequently removing food sensitivities can often resolve certain health conditions that have been holding you back, and keeping you from performing your very best. 

The Alletess Food Sensitivity Test Kit looks at 96 or 184 different food allergens (most people eat the same 10 food ingredients each week!), including dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and random foods like coffee, sugar, etc. through a simple finger stick you can do at home.  

Once the test results are completed, the lab will send you a detailed report listing all problem foods. 

• Diarrhea
• Bloating
• Constipation
• Stomach pain
• Migraines
• Asthma
• Rashes, Eczema
• Fatigue
• Hayfever (removing food sensitivites can decrease the allergic burden on the body, resulting in less severe allergies.)

Order this at-home food intolerance test kit today.

We also offer a Saliva Test Kit for Hormones.

Contains:1 food sensitivity test kit and results printout once results are known, along with an explanatory booklet for removing common food allergens. 

Kit is mailed to you. Instructions are included. This test is performed with a simple finger stick at home. 

Please allow up to 3 weeks for results to be available. 

Results will be emailed to you before a paper copy is mailed. 

This at-home food intolerance test does not diagnose immediate, Type 1, or anaphylactic allergies. Rather, it measures delayed reactions, which are a type of allergy but more strictly defined as a sensitivity.

Do NOT eat any foods you have a known, immediate-type allergy to prior to using this test kit. 

If you have symptoms of hives, respiratory difficulty, lip or tongue swelling, you should be tested by an allergist for Type 1 allergies.

Customer Reviews

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Jill Speer (Clarkston)
Interesting Test!

We quickly received our tests and experienced an awesome turnaround time. So surprising what your body is reacting to. Highly recommend.

So glad you found the test informative; identifying and removing food sensitivities is a huge step toward removing 'background' causes of inflammation and other health issues!