Asthma is often classified by its different causes. There’s exercise-induced asthma, allergy-induced asthma, cold-air induced asthma, etc.  And while knowing the factors that start asthma is important, addressing the underlying causes are what really matter if you want to eliminate symptoms before they appear, rather than just medicating them.

Don’t get us wrong, if you have an asthma you should use your inhaler. But addressing the underlying physiology of asthma can possibly decrease your symptoms, allowing you to need to less of your medications.

Asthma is really an inflammatory condition that leads to narrowing of the bronchioles (tubes) inside the lungs through which air passes.

People with asthma almost always have some degree of this inflammation going on in their lungs; then things like catching a cold or exercising really increase the inflammation to the point where symptoms become noticeable.

Natural Treatment Of Asthma

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