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It's About You. A healthier, balanced YOU

Healthier You From Natural Athlete's Clinic

We all experience peaks and valleys, emotionally and physically. How you find a trustworthy path through all of the available resources to get yourself through is often frustrating and overwhelming. Like you, we’ve been there.

As competitive endurance athletes and recreational sport lovers, we’ve experienced firsthand the standard care of sports injuries and athletic performance issues that include little more than ibuprofen, other drugs that mask the symptoms, and/or RICE (rest, ice, compress and elevate). As licensed primary care doctors, specialists in natural medicine and wellness experts, we know that these common symptom-driven efforts rarely result in full healing or treat the cause.

With our common interests, knowledge and passion for effective sports medicine, we created the Natural Athlete’s Clinic. Our mission is simple: To help you achieve your goal of getting the best performance from your body in the most natural way possible, by being your trusted on-line source of health information and provider of natural products.

We’ve made it easy and done the research for you. We integrate the best fitness science and natural medicine content available, add our points of view and advice, and provide you easy access to the top trusted natural products to supplement, guide and inspire you.

Natural Athlete’s Clinic is led by Dr. Jason Barker, one of a new breed of doctors who practices on the leading edge of a profound shift in how health, fitness and injury is looked at and treated. He is an avid athlete himself, a general practitioner and leading expert in preventive medicine and natural health care with a passion for sports medicine. “Being active in a variety of sports has given me a lot of perspective. Like you, I’ve been injured, exhausted, and defeated -  and also victorious. Ibuprofen is an easy go-to for many of our issues, but wouldn’t it be great if we could be more on the proactive side, achieving our personal bests in all that we do?”

Trust that the content and products found on Natural Athlete’s Clinic are the best of the best. Explore and see how natural sports medicine can help you take your health and athletic performance to the next level. Join our group, sign up for our blog, participate in our content, share and like our site. We’ll guarantee you’ll learn something new that can improve at least one aspect of your fitness.

Here’s to your health and performance!  - Dr. Barker and Natural Athlete’s Clinic.


Natural Athlete’s Clinic team of licensed doctors, specialists in natural medicine and wellness experts are also cyclists, triathletes, runners, Colorado-forged skiers and mountaineers, and yogis. Here’s more about us:

Dr. Jason Barker

Dr. Jason BarkerAs an athlete myself, I got my start in the growing Colorado mountain bike scene in the 1980’s. Later, I spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountains as a ski patroller and mountaineer. As of late, I've run the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim in the Grand Canyon; I’m a two-time Ironman triathlon finisher, and also race my bike in the recreationally competitive cyclocross scene.  I also enjoy everything Colorado has to offer with my family.  

I am available online and locally for consultations through my clinical practice. More information can be found at:







Tiffany Crop

I’m a mom and wife who enjoys spending time with my family outdoors; we enjoy all kinds outdoor activities including running, water and snow skiing, hiking, and backpacking. I value feeling healthy and close to God as I go throughout my activities.

CJ Barker

Christopher BarkerBorn a native Coloradan and blessed with a passion for adrenaline, I take full advantage of God's playground that Colorado has to offer. You name it, I've done it and my bucket list keeps growing as the years pass. My most prized possessions are my Vitamix blender and my tandem mountain bike. I'm an Army veteran and a proud father of my amazing daughter.