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Correct Toes

Correct Toes

Size Guide
Correct Toes Size Guide

 Correct Toes Size

Women's Shoe Size

Men's Shoe Size

XSmall US Size 5-6.5
Small US Size 6.5-9 US Size 6-7
Medium US Size 9-12.5 US Size 7-11
Large US Size 13+ US Size 11.5+

injinji toe sock sale

*Buy a pair of injinji toe socks for $8.99 with every purchase of Correct Toes. 

Correct Toes to the rescue! Are you a runner, walker or hiker with foot problems? Problems like plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, achilles tendonitis, bunions, crooked toes, shin splints or even knee pain? 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee For Correct Toes

Correct Toes toe spacers will help to naturally re-align crooked toes and restore the muscular integrity of your foot and lower leg that's so easily upset by wearing conventional, toe-crunching, foot-flattening shoes.

  • Come with their very own owners manual and storage pouch
  • Made from durable, comfortable medical-grade silicon
  • Naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • Cost-effective alternative to prescription orthotics and surgery

Why You Need Correct Toes

  • Conventional footwear pinches toes together and weakens feet
  • Reduce pain and injuries
  • Strengthens feet and toes
  • Improves foot flexibility
  • Run faster because your feet are working correctly now!

How Correct Toes Work

  • Gently restores your natural foot shape
  • Correct Toes work best with wide, flat and flexible footwear
  • Slide them over your toes and go!*

*Correct Toes work best with Injini Toe Socks, and to further improve foot health, check out some Metatarsal Pads as well.

We're sure you'll love them. If not, send them back to us within 30 days!

Sizing for Correct Toes:

 Correct Toes Size

Women's Shoe Size

Men's Shoe Size

X-Small US Size 5-6.5
Small US Size 6.5-9 US Size 6-7
Medium US Size 9-12.5 US Size 7-11
Large US Size 13+ US Size 11.5+

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Works Great

Has worked well for me for about 5 years.Has reduced overlapping toes. Have tried cheaper devices but have always gone back to Correct Toes.

Glad they're working for you William!
Pleased with Correct Toes

So far I am very happy with my Correct Toes purchase. I have only been using them a few days now, and things are progressing just like the advertisement said that would. Also, the information sent with the product was very informative.

Thanks for letting us know, Deon! Hope you continue to see results!
Quick fix!

I love to run, but had been discouraged with the pain associated with lately. The website has been a life changer for me. I can tell a huge difference with the Correct Toes + Injini Toe Socks. I feel like they will loosen up with continued wear, but running about 30-40 minutes with now.

WhooHoo Kena! So glad you're back to running!
Correct toes

They are wonderful and I like the socks too.

Glad you like Amanda!
Silicone allergy-so I cannot wear them

I couldn’t wear them even over toe socks. My Silicone allergy is that bad. Wish there was an option for silicone allergic people because the idea seems great.. I gave a 3 because the idea is good. I couldn’t wear them the whole day due to allergy thru socks.

Hi Catherine! Thank you for your review. So bummed they didn't work for you due to your allergy, even through the socks. Maybe there's another product out there not made from silicone?
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