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Correct Toes

Free toe socks with purchase of Correct Toes

Simply Use Coupon Code: FREESOCKS

*Free pair of injinji toe socks with every purchase of Correct Toes. Simply add a pair of socks to your cart and use coupon code: FREESOCKS (one coupon code per purchase)

Correct Toes to the rescue!

Are you a runner, walker or hiker with foot problems? Problems like plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, achilles tendonitis, bunions, crooked toes, shin splints or even knee pain? 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee For Correct Toes

Correct Toes silicone toe spacers will help to naturally re-align crooked toes and restore the muscular integrity of your foot and lower leg that's so easily upset by wearing conventional, toe-crunching, foot-flattening shoes.

  • Come with their very own owners manual and storage pouch
  • Made from durable, comfortable medical-grade silicon
  • Naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • Cost-effective alternative to prescription orthotics and surgery

Why You Need Correct Toes

  • Conventional footwear pinches toes together and weakens feet
  • Reduce pain and injuries
  • Strengthens feet and toes
  • Improves foot flexibility
  • Run faster because your feet are working correctly now!

Read more about why Correct Toes work here.


  • Gently restores your natural foot shape
  • Correct Toes silicone toe spacers work best with wide, flat and flexible footwear
  • Slide them over your toes and go!*

*Correct Toes in-shoe toe spacers work best with Injini Performance Toe Socks, and to further improve foot health, check out some Metatarsal Pads as well.

We're sure you'll love them. If not, send them back to us within 30 days!

Sizing for Correct Toes:

Your shoe size is the best way to determine you Correct Toes size. If you’re unsure, please use our printable template for more detailed fitting.

Correct Toes should lay flat across the tops and bottoms of your toes. They shouldn’t feel tight, constricting or painful!

Slight discomfort is possible and to be expected during the adjustment period as your toes are becoming more aligned, however.

**Please note the size LARGE Correct Toes (due to their size) have a little different look than the other Correct Toes.  They have less of an arch across the bottom, and instead are a little wavier. Please email us with any questions! 

Correct Toes Modification Guide

 Correct Toes Size

Women's Shoe Size

Men's Shoe Size

X-Small US Size 5-6.5
Small US Size 6.5-9 US Size 6-7
Medium US Size 9-12.5 US Size 7-11
Large US Size 13+ US Size 11.5+

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Purpleorchid (Ponte Vedra)
Correct Toes have saved my feet!!!

I truly love how these Correct Toes have helped my feet and toes. I am 68 years old and very active. Thought I was going to have to have surgery but now wearing these daily has helped me so much! So happy I found them. Highly recommend them.

So great to hear this!

Richard Felton (Sarnia)
Second Time Around

In 2015 I broke my right big toe and my left had a bunion. I corrected my problem with Correct Toes. This year 2023,my right toe started to drift inwards again; hence I ordered a new set of Correct Toes. Only after 5 weeks, I see results again. I highly recommend using these for any foot problems

Glad the Correct Toes were so helpful for you, Richard!

Dan (Schenectady)
Great item

Wearing these all the time to help straighten my toes and increase foot strength.

Rachel Hobbs (San Diego)
Worth every penny

I’m young and a distance runner and have been getting shin splits and just overall concerned with my health of my legs and hips since I’ve been having injuries mostly on my right side. I decided to try these toe spreaders when someone explained to me that I’m getting injured because I’m compensating for something, like a tight calf, and modern running shoes are really good about giving you tight calves since your heels are higher than your toes and your toe box is really narrow. These correct toes are not an aggressive spreader like some other brands, they’re just as your feet are supposed to be so I recommend them for beginners or as a staple. I also wasn’t sure if they would really be useful for me since I already do have a little bit of space between my toes, even though I wear narrow toe box shoes. However, I definitely feel them working when I put them on, especially on my pinky toes where I don’t have as much strength to forcibly stretch them out like I had been doing. I recommend everyone try them to explore your natural biomechanics that most of us have lost!

So happy they're working for you, Rachel! Happy Running! :)

Vicki Gay (Chicago)
Amazing product!

I started using Correct Toes almost a year ago after suffering with Plantar's Fasciitis for 6 years. It has been an amazing transformation with my foot pain. Within a month of weary, I had very little pain left. Combined with using toe socks and moving to barefoot foot ware, I only have a little stiffness in the morning but can walk, hike, etc for hours without pain. I'm so grateful I found this product after so many years of suffering. I wish more people would understand how much we ruin our feet weary today's styles. It's not worth it!

Thank you for sharing your story Vicki - this makes us happy!