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Correct Toes

Correct Toes

Size Guide
Correct Toes Size Guide

 Correct Toes Size

Women's Shoe Size

Men's Shoe Size

XSmall US Size 5-6.5
Small US Size 6.5-9 US Size 6-7
Medium US Size 9-12.5 US Size 7-11
Large US Size 13+ US Size 11.5+

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Correct Toes to the rescue!

Are you a runner, walker or hiker with foot problems? Problems like plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, achilles tendonitis, bunions, crooked toes, shin splints or even knee pain? 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee For Correct Toes

Correct Toes silicone toe spacers will help to naturally re-align crooked toes and restore the muscular integrity of your foot and lower leg that's so easily upset by wearing conventional, toe-crunching, foot-flattening shoes.

  • Come with their very own owners manual and storage pouch
  • Made from durable, comfortable medical-grade silicon
  • Naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • Cost-effective alternative to prescription orthotics and surgery

Why You Need Correct Toes

  • Conventional footwear pinches toes together and weakens feet
  • Reduce pain and injuries
  • Strengthens feet and toes
  • Improves foot flexibility
  • Run faster because your feet are working correctly now!

Read more about why Correct Toes work here.


  • Gently restores your natural foot shape
  • Correct Toes silicone toe spacers work best with wide, flat and flexible footwear
  • Slide them over your toes and go!*

*Correct Toes in-shoe toe spacers work best with  Injini Performance Toe Socks, and to further improve foot health, check out some Metatarsal Pads as well.

We're sure you'll love them. If not, send them back to us within 30 days!

Sizing for Correct Toes:

Your shoe size is the best way to determine you Correct Toes size. If you’re unsure, please use our printable template for more detailed fitting.

Correct Toes should lay flat across the tops and bottoms of your toes. They shouldn’t feel tight, constricting or painful!

Slight discomfort is possible and to be expected during the adjustment period as your toes are becoming more aligned, however.

Correct Toes Modification Guide

 Correct Toes Size

Women's Shoe Size

Men's Shoe Size

X-Small US Size 5-6.5
Small US Size 6.5-9 US Size 6-7
Medium US Size 9-12.5 US Size 7-11
Large US Size 13+ US Size 11.5+

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Elaine (Watertown)
Promising, but may require modification and trial-and-error

I bought two pairs of Correct Toes: one for myself, and one for my husband.

One of my feet is less splayed, flatter, more bunion-y, and narrower than the other. Correct Toes simply won't stay on that foot _unless I trap it in a shoe_. I've tried ToeSox, regular socks, the pinky toe modification (cutting off half the pinky spacer), trimming the big-toe and pinky-toe pillars, and adding a shim in the big toe pillar (for my bunion), but nothing seems to work: with just a few wiggles of my toes, I can easily dislodge the CT or get my big toe or pinky toe awkwardly caught above or below its respective spacer.

Because of this, I can only wear the CTs outside of my home (which is the only time I wear shoes), which, given the pandemic, is rarely more than an hour a day. I'm disappointed that my progress will have to be thus limited.

As for my impressions of the product in action: I like the feeling of having my toe splay encouraged. But it seems -- from the way the CTs are always working their way off the tips of my toes, and from a visual inspection -- that this off-the-shelf product is just not a natural fit for my feet. More crucially, the toes (on my troublesome foot) are angled laterally, and I'm just not sure how the CT is going to change that (as the product as a whole just sits laterally relative to my foot). I wonder how amazing it might feel if I could have a custom-made toe spacer.... The jury's still out on how useful CTs will be for me; for now, I give it 3 stars.

As for my husband's CTs, they don't stay on his feet without socks. As he doesn't like to wear socks indoors, he's also relegated to using his CTs only during the limited time he spends outside the home. So far, he has tried them in his Crocs; he says that with the CTs, he no longer gets plantar issues on long walks. So I happily give CTs 5 stars on his behalf!

Averaging our results, we give Correct Toes 4 stars : )

Elaine, thank you so much for your detailed review of Correct Toes for you and husband! I'm sure other customers will greatly benefit from this!

Ryan (Baltimore)
Liking them so far!

I have been using my pair of Correct Toes for about an hour almost every day since getting them, and so far I am seeing some gradual improvements in my toe alignment and less foot pain while wearing them. I had a few days of sore foot muscles at first but seem to have adjusted since then.
They’re a little painful to wear with most of my shoes, which I think says more about the shoes being too narrow than about the Correct Toes. My only real complaint about them is that they can slip off my pinky toes while walking around barefoot.

Great to hear Ryan - thank you for your detailed review. We hope they work well for you!

AndyR (Longmont)

Correct Toes

Monica Stern (Phoenix)
working really well

These little devices have really helped my Morton's neuroma. I wear them most of the time with toe socks for added protection.

Great to hear Monica!

Carol Nelson (Jacksonville)
Love these socks!

Finally, my feet can breathe and don’t feel confined in 360 Xero shoes?

Great to hear, Carol!

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