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T-Form Metatarsal Pads

Modern footwear tends to compress the joints and muscles in the ball of the foot, causing the toes to become overextended (point upward) and compressed together - this scenario can negatively affect the entire foot.

Over time, the flexor muscles beneath the foot become overstretched and weakened while the extensor muscles on top of the foot become overly tightened. Lastly, the fat pad on the bottom of the foot (directly under the “ball”) migrates forward, leaving the bones and nerves here with less protection and more vulnerable to injury and irritation.

Burning and stinging problems like Morton’s neuroma, capsulitis, plantar fasciitis, sesamoiditis or just plain ol’ pain in the ball and heel areas can be helped by Pedag T-Form Metatarsal Pads.

Pedag T-Form Metatarsal Pads are designed to support the anatomically correct position of the metatarsal bones and help get your foot back in the shape that nature intended. They gently lift and spread the metatarsal joints and allow the fat pad beneath these joints to return to its normal location, protecting the delicate nerves and bones of this area.

Several foot and lower extremity issues can be prevented and corrected by allowing the foot to return to its normal anatomy and function.

Additionally, Pedag T-Form Metatarsal Pads work well with Correct Toes to restore proper foot anatomy and function. Made of genuine leather and latex these shoe pads are also self-adhesive. They're waterproof, and last a long, long time even in the sweatiest running shoes. Buy Metatarsal Pads online today!

Sizing Options:

T-Form Metatarsal Pad Size Shoe Size
Small Women's 5 to 7 (US)
Medium Women's 8 to 10 (US) 
Large Men's 7-10 (US) 
Extra Large Men's 11-15 (US) 

Proper placement is important! You can watch this short video on how to place your metatarsal pad, or follow the steps below. If you put them in your shoes incorrectly, it could potentially worsen your foot problems.  Only use them in flat shoes - no heels!

  1. Metatarsal pads fit behind the ball of your foot, not under it!
  2. Pull out your shoe liner. If they don’t come out, watch the video tutorial for a tip on finding where the ball of your foot is inside your shoes.
  3. Looking at the liner, if you’ve been wearing the shoes for a while it’s easy to spot where the ball of your foot is; it’s the depressed area about 1/3 of the way away from your toes, toward your heel (usually at the widest part of the liner).  If the shoes are new, stand on the liner so your foot covers it completely. Note where the ball of your foot ends.
  4. Next, place the pad right behind where the ball of your foot falls on the liner. Place it right in the middle of the liner; i.e. not to far to the right or left.
  5. Once you have the correct location, peel just a bit of the adhesive backing off the met pad and place on your liner. Then, put them in your shoes and try them on. You should feel the pad just behind the ball of your foot. Chances are it’s going to feel a little strange; it’s ok to move the pad around slightly to find the exact location that feels the best.
  6. Once you’ve got the pad in the right spot, mark it with a pen. Wear your shoes around for a bit to make sure you’ve got the right position, before you commit and peel all the adhesive off the pad. (although you can peel them up and restick several times before they lose their adhesiveness).
  7. Once you feel like you’ve got the right spot (you shouldn’t have pain - this probably means the pad is too far forward and under the ball), peel all the adhesive off and stick the pad down.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
AndyR (Longmont)
T-form pads

The pad is on the soft side, which I don't like. I couldn't tell from the product description how firm/soft it'd be. The pad seems well made.

Luz Mama Wolf (New York)
Takes the sting out of ball of foot pain

Great product, but difficult to find the right place for pad as each foot is slightly different. If you get it wrong you probably can reset it 2 times max, so be sure before you stick it deeply on your insole. If you did it correctly in compliments well with your Correct Toes spacers to relieve foot pain. I purchased 8prs for my sneakers.

Yes, definitely takes some trying to get them in the exact spot! Whenever I get a new pair I leave the sticky on the bottom, place them where I think and then just tape them down with scotch tape while I walk around until I find the perfect spot, then stick 'em for good!

CJ Barker (Littleton)
good pads and helping a lot

really great with taking my questions about these and being so helpful with selection and placement. top notch customer service. good here

CJ - we're so happy to help! Thanks!