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Correct Toes To Natural Shape

February 02, 2017 2 min read

Our feet are designed to have toes that are slightly spread apart, and lay straight on the ground. This helps us be more efficient in our balance and stride.

However, modern shoe wear causes the foot's natural shape to change over time. The narrow toebox squeezes the toes together. This doesn't allow the muscle of the foot and toes to work properly. The toes start to lift off the ground because of muscle imbalances, which in turn contributes to altered gait and balance.

Modern shoes also elevate our heels above the ball of the foot, causing our toes to be bent upward and squeezed together. After a while, the feet become deformed and this is where the issues begin.

The answer to this isn't more surgery, shoe orthotics or anti-inflammatory drugs! The real answer to foot pain relief lies in returning the feet to their natural shape, eliminating foot problems and preventing new ones from occurring.

This is best accomplished by using a Correct Toes spacer, which spreads the toes to their natural and correct position. By placing the toes back into their original positions, this improves how the brain perceives where the feet are (known as proprioception) and allows it to improve balance and muscle function.

When using Correct Toes, you need shoes that provide a flat surface for the feet and also allow the toes to spread out. Ask for shoes that have a wide toe box.

Clinical experience has shown again and again that returning the foot to its natural state provides foot pain relief, and by extension many foot, ankle, knee and hip problems can be resolved as well.

Additionally, Metatarsal Pads work well with Correct Toes to restore proper foot anatomy and function. They're designed to support the anatomically correct position of the metatarsal bones (foot bones) and help get your foot back in the shape that nature intended. They gently lift and spread the metatarsal joints and allow the fat pad beneath these joints to return to its normal location, protecting the delicate nerves and bones of this area. Made of genuine leather and hypoallergenic latex these pads are also self-adhesive. They are waterproof, and last a long, long time even in the sweatiest running shoes!

Several foot and lower extremity issues can be prevented and corrected by allowing the foot to return to its normal anatomy and function.

If you have other foot problems (tendonitis, bursitis, old ankle injuries), Ligament Restore can help keep the ligaments of the feet strong and supported - preventing overuse injuries.