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How To Hydrate

February 08, 2017 1 min read

Fortunately, you have options other than those syrupy, neon-glowing commercial sports drinks. Natural sports drink options provide you with all you need in terms of energy and electrolytes, but without the dyes, preservatives and chemicals that make commercial drinks so pretty. After all, things like FD&C Yellow No. 5 and brominated vegetable oil (really?) have no research behind them showing that they will make you faster, tougher or stronger!

Hydration should always start with water. But if you’re not a big water drinker, or you’ve noticed that you urinate out as much as you drink, a natural sports drink containing electrolytes will help your body hold onto some of that fluid a bit longer, getting you through your lengthy exercise sessions.

  • Electrolyte Energy Formula contains a concentrated blend of simple and complex carbs for fueling and key electrolytes/minerals to maximize muscle function. It has a mild lemon-lime flavor that won’t gross you out on a long hot ride or run.
  • For a lighter boost, Energy Formula is a combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will give you a quick lift following an intense workout. It’s also great for an afternoon pick up on those long workdays.

Staying hydrated can make all the difference in your health and performance. Always start with water, and then use a natural sports drink before, during and after your workout so that you can maintain a good level of hydration.

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