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Most Common Causes of Fatigue

February 02, 2017 3 min read

Adrenal Fatigue

Occurs when the adrenal glands become ‘tired’ and cannot keep up the demand for the stress hormones it manufactures. You can learn more about adrenal fatigue here. 

We like to use Rhodiola and Adrenal B Complex to support the adrenals and give a non-stimulant lift.

Low Thyroid

Symptoms of low thyroid include fatigue, weight gain, water retention, hair loss, feeling cold, constipation and dry skin. Low thyroid is a common fatigue cause especially in women. The thyroid governs your metabolism, when its low you move slowly.

Thyroid function can be improved with the use of Thyroid Support Complex

Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities are an adverse reaction of your body to a particular food(s). These reactions can be responsible for a number of symptoms, but fatigue is definitely one of them. If your body is fighting against the food, this can take a lot of energy away from the rest of your body, leaving you feeling exhausted.

Getting a food allergy test is a quick and easy way to find out which foods could be the causes of fatigue.


Protein is an excellent energy booster. It helps stabilize blood sugar, preventing crashes and keeps your head clear all day. Supplementing with a quality protein is a good idea if you skimp on breakfast or if you don’t eat a lot of animal products. Lack of protein is a common fatigue cause. Mediclear is a great protein and multivitamin-mineral complex. You've got to feed the machine!

Less Than Adequate Diets

If you’re busy and you haven’t been paying attention to your diet, you are surely missing some key nutrients that help with energy production. Supplementing with a potent multivitamin will fill the gaps in your diet and keep your energy systems running well.

Ultra High or Athletic Pure Pack will provide all the vitamins and minerals to keep your energy up.

Endurance Athletes

Use a lot of energy during training and racing; it can be a constant battle getting adequate, quality recovery. But you need more than standard nutrition – the body also requires additional functional nutrients to drive energy production beyond every day needs. A group of nutrients known as “the awesome foursome” (because of their energy-producing benefits) are commonly deficient in those who train intensely.

MagnesiumL-CarnitineCoEnzyme Q10 and Corvalen will give your body extra energy building blocks – you won’t believe the difference taking these!


Nutritional science is now focusing on the nutrients found in plants – beyond vitamins and minerals. Phytonutrients are only found in fruits and vegetables, and they number in the hundreds, if not thousands. New research is focusing on how these nutrients affect energy and other healthful benefits. If you don’t eat a lot of plants, then supplementing with phytonutrients is the next best thing.

Greens First are concentrated fruit and vegetables packed with potent plant phytonutrients in a tasty powder. They go great in a smoothie, or by themselves. They are a great alternative to caffeine too!

Instead of Coffee

Coffee is great, but it doesn’t help you build energy in your body – its more like pushing harder on the accelerator in your car – you may go faster, but you are using up much more fuel and will get to empty a lot faster!

Energy Formula or Electrolyte Energy Formula can provide a non-caffeinated quick pick me up. Plus they replace the electrolytes you’d normally by drinking caffeinated or sugary drinks. Energy Xtra is one of our new safe energy boosters that we use a lot of personally.

Iron Deficiency

Is the first thing that comes to mind when athletes complain of fatigue. Iron deficiency is a very common fatigue cause. This is more common in women than men, but nonetheless it is a common nutritional deficiency that wreaks havoc on your energy and training.  Anemia is full-fledged iron deficiency, but did you know that just low iron stores alone can also make you feel wiped out too? You car read more here about anemia. Iron supplementation is necessary if you have iron-deficiency anemia, or just low iron stores.

These are all common fatigue causes. Replacing inadequate or lost nutrients, in addition to getting adequate sleep and stress management can go a long way in resolving fatigue.