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Recovery Nutrients - Get The Edge

November 10, 2020 3 min read

Recovery Nutrients - Get The Edge

In past weeks we’ve discussed in detail the art and science of recovery as well as the best foods to eat for recovery  Without a doubt, following those suggestions will greatly enhance your recovery process.

But sometimes this may not be enough, or a person may need additional help with the recovery process. Examples of this include people with demanding lives outside of sports (who doesn’t have this?), an exceptionally long training season, or a person who has a chronic illness like asthma that takes an extra toll on their bodies.  Lastly, as a person ages recovery can take longer, and anything extra can help.

Nutritional supplementation can enhance recovery, beyond proper rest and diet. While the body is typically efficient at repairing itself, additional nutrients can provide it with the raw materials it needs to push the recovery process. 

Enzymes For Recovery

Enzymes are a class of nutrients that can help control inflammation. Inflammation can be both a help and a hinderance to recovery.  A little bit of inflammation, controlled is a good thing, while excessive inflammation perpetuates the body’s breakdown and limits recovery. Supplemental enzymes are a great way to control the inflammatory process, and can often reduce soreness so an athlete feels like getting up and moving sooner.

Enzymes are specialized proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes help to safely control inflammation by breaking down chemicals in the inflammatory cascade. They can also help relieve pain and decrease swelling.  Enzymes also help the immune system to be more efficient at clearing up the leftover debris left at the site of an injury. This helps speed healing.

Enzymes can be taken indefinitely, with nowhere near the risk that comes with taking NSAIDS.

One of our best anti-inflammatory enzyme formulas is our very own Inflammation Relief. It contains 7 different naturally occurring enzymes that help break down the pain-generating chemicals your body makes in response to injury.  It also speeds healing by improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to damaged areas. 

Another great combination of enzymes and anti-inflammatory nutrients is Mountain Peak’s Anti-Inflammatory Formula. It contains the most clinically tested and scientifically recognized nutritional ingredients that combat inflammation without the dangerous side effects of traditional anti-inflammatory drugs. Not only great for recovery, it works well for those painful post-workout aches and pains, as well as tendonitis and bursitis.

Energy Recovery

Getting energy levels bumped up post-recovery can also be boosted with specific nutrients. Of course you’re tired after a workout, that’s normal. But if you’re still “hung over” more than 24 hours after, you’re suffering from an energy regeneration problem.  Again, the basics of great nutrition and sleep should be the basis of recovery, but if it's taking too long (more than 24 hours), additional nutrients can help replenish bodily energy stores.

A combination of Corvalen, Magnesium, L-Carnitine, and CoQ10 (known as the “awesome foursome”) provide the nutrients at the heart of the cell’s energy-producing organs, the mitochondria.  These nutrients are especially favored by the cardiac (heart) muscle and will benefit endurance athletes of all types.

Cordyceps sinensis is a Chinese herb that has been shown to enhance the recovery and energy-producing processes in the body.

Adrenal Energy supports the body’s adrenal response to promote optimal energy production, stamina, and the recovery process. 

Take your recovery seriously! Remember, our gains are made once the body recovers and adapts to the previous training session. If it’s never given an adequate chance to rest, recovery isn’t complete and you’re essentially getting a poor return on your fitness investment (not to mention setting yourself up for injury and illness).

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