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How To Fit Correct Toes into Your Running Shoes

September 26, 2013 1 min read

We’re big fans of Correct Toes. What are Correct Toes you ask?  Quite simply, they’re a soft, silicone device that fits snugly between your toes. This helps keep the toes in correct alignment, allowing the toes to function as they were meant.

You can read more on the ‘why’ of this idea on our page about natural foot care

While Correct Toes are normally very comfortable, they can sometimes be a challenge to fit into your running shoes. So, we made a short video showing you some very simple modifications you can make to your running shoes.

I’ve been using Correct Toes for about 8 years now, on every. Single. Run.  I began using them after learning how they can minimize and even correct injury. At the time, I’d been suffering from chronic Achilles tendonitis (tendinosis) with no relief. I even had to give up running for nearly 2 years to get relief for my overworked Achilles.

Using Correct Toes has made my feet stronger and I don’t overwork my Achilles tendon any longer, thereby leaving me much less prone to Achilles tendonitis like I was before.

So if you’ve been suffering from ‘incurable’ foot problems, I would encourage you to read up about foot problems and foot pain relief and then check out our video below showing you how to make Correct Toes fit perfectly into your running shoes.

Happy Running!

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