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Foundational Adrenal Gland Support During Chronic Stress

April 16, 2020 2 min read

Foundational Adrenal Gland Support During Chronic Stress

Our adrenal glands play a special role when it comes to providing extra support during stressful times. When we feel stress - whether it’s mental/emotional or physical, the adrenal glands take up the cause.

Stress Hormones

They do this by releasing several hormones that help our bodies adapt to the stress we’re experiencing. Known as the corticosteroids, this group of hormones can be divided up into several other classes that all play an important role in maintaining physiologic balance (homeostasis) throughout the body.

These hormones help us metabolize blood sugar (glucose), orchestrate the immune system, balance blood pressure, help us adapt to exercise and even assist with recovery. This is just a short list, too!

How It Works

Thorne's Adrenal Cortex provides a foundational support for the adrenal glands, so they can continue to support these functions by producing the needed hormones and provide a balanced stress response.

Adrenal Cortex is derived from bovine adrenal cortex tissue - it’s a glandular extract that helps support healthy levels of cortisol, improve stamina and provide an energetic feeling.

This supplement isn’t a stimulant - it doesn’t work that way. Rather, it provides the foundational nutrients the adrenals need to thrive. Coupled with Adrenal B complex, the two make a solid support system for anyone with adrenal issues, or someone who is facing a lot of stress.

Best Uses for Adrenal Cortex:

  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Low energy andfatigue
  • High stress lifestyle
  • Intense & prolonged exercise

How Stress Affects The Adrenal Glands

Ongoing, chronic stress can lead to adrenal fatigue the same way a serious illness or even a single highly stressful event. Similarly, adrenal fatigue can be the result of excess training without proper recovery and nutrition in athletes.

Most stress is perceived thorough the nervous system, which is in turn directly wired to the adrenal glands - they respond immediately whenever we sense stress or a crisis. Every person is different in what they can endure and how they tolerate it.

One sure sign of needing adrenal support with Adrenal Cortex  is the inability to tolerate stress - it feels as if you can’t handle anything, and you even get physical feelings of exhaustion and other symptoms. If this is the case, consider testing your adrenal function with an Adrenal Stress Index test and incorporating Adrenal Cortex and Adrenal B complex- your adrenal glands will thank you!

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