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Video: Does Coffee Raise Cholesterol?

July 14, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Video: Does Coffee Raise Cholesterol?

Does Coffee Raise Cholesterol?

We all do what we can to keep our cholesterol levels low, but did you know that the way you brew your coffee can have an affect on your cholesterol levels?

That's right, coffee can raise cholesterol. Watch the video below to learn about the relationship between coffee and cholesterol.


But first things first.  Is coffee bad for cholesterol? No, not specifically, but we'll get to that in a moment.

In fact, coffee is actually quite healthy for you.  New studies show it has a significant preventive effect against diseases like Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, liver and colorectal cancers, and even depression!  

However, if you struggle with too-high of cholesterol levels, then you need to pay attention to your coffee.  Now, coffee itself doesn't raise cholesterol, however it does contain a compound known as cafestol that does.

Cafestol occurs naturally in coffee and stimulates cholesterol production in the liver.  We need cholesterol for a number of vital functions - too low of cholesterol is unhealthy, just as too high cholesterol is as well (for different reasons though).

The good news is there's simple trick to remove cafestol from your coffee, and short circuit how it raises cholesterol!  

You see, when you prepare unfiltered coffee (such as through a non-paper filter - think french press or espresso) you're ingesting the cafestol contained in the coffee, and possibly increasing your cholesterol levels. 

In fact, drinking 2 cups of unfiltered coffee each day, every day will drive up cholesterol production by about 6-8%!

So, if you're struggling with high cholesterol, take a look at how you're brewing your coffee.

NO, you don't have to give up coffee!  In fact there's an easy solution to this dilema and that is to brew your coffee with a paper filter.  You can do this in a regular coffee maker, or use the 'pour over' method.  The paper filter will capture the cafestol and remove most of it. 

Remember - a metal filter like those found in a French press or espresso machine won't do the job - it has to be a paper filter. 

We've had good results in clinic patients when nothing else has worked to get their cholesterol down another 20 points or so - while it may not sound like a lot it's an important aspect of lowering the overall risk that accompanies elevated cholesterol.  

So if you're struggling with elevated cholesterol and you think you've tried it all - try the paper filter technique and watch your numbers come down!

Also, you don't have to take prescription statin medications to lower cholesterol - we have several safe, effective natural medications that work equally well, without the side effects.  Take a look here

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Kathy Eversole
Kathy Eversole

January 09, 2024

Tell me if drinking perked coffee is ok for high cholesterol, ? I drink at least 3 cups and also use cup pot

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