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Naturally Relieving Constipation

by Dr. Jason Barker

It is better to relieve constipation without the use of stimulant laxatives. These laxatives only create a dependence on the actual drug

  1. Exercise. If you aren’t doing it, start. Exercise helps keep your large intestine (where stool is formed) toned and moving regularly.  Crunches or other lower abdominal exercises are great for this.
  2. Hydrate. If you’re constipated, you’ve noticed hard, dry stools. They shouldn’t be like that. Stools should be more like the consistency of a ripe banana (sorry If I ruined your appetite for bananas..)  Hard stools are tough on the lower end of your digestive tract, causing hemorrhoids.
  3. Diet. Everyone knows you need more fiber to keep things running. However, you need real fiber, the kind that comes from veggies and fruits, not the over-processed junk that labels claim in bread, crackers, muffins. That stuff becomes cement in your gut.

Natural Remedies for Constipation

Magnesium and/or Vitamin C are both great natural remedies for constipation when you need quick, safe relief. Both help pull water into your colon, stimulating it to move things out.

A good probiotic is another great natural remedy for constipation. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that keep the colon’s environment healthy. In fact, the majority of stool is made of bacteria, both living and dead.

We mentioned fiber already. Sometimes more is better. Supplementing with a bit of fiber (along with plenty of water) can help ‘retrain’ the bowels to move regularly. Medibulk is soluble fiber, the kind that helps bulk the stool and feed the good bacteria – all for making a healthy BM.

Constipation may also be the cause of poor, or inadequate digestion. Think about it – many of us gobble our food down without properly chewing it up. The stomach and lower intestine have a hard time digesting improperly broken down foods. Digestive enzymes are a natural constipation remedy that improves digestive function, allowing your bowels to move regularly.

Start with one natural remedy for constipation, and pay attention to the first three tips (exercise, hydrate, diet) and things should start moving regularly for you.

Dr. Jason Barker
Dr. Jason Barker

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