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Klean Athlete

Klean Recovery


Recovery is the name of the game - and if you're not recovering properly, you aren't getting the most out of the long hours you put into training. Klean Recovery is a tasty milk chocolate powder formulated in the important 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein.  Containing whey protein as well as hydrolyzed marine protein, Klean Recovery provides a rich supply of amino acids for muscle protein synthesis, while the carbs help restore glycogen levels. 


  • NSF Certified for Sport®
  • Hydrolyzed marine protein for rapid assimilation & quick recovery
  • Targeted 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio
  • Enhances nitrogen balance and glycogen re-synthesis


  • For optimal recovery, use post-workout
  • Replace burned glycogen and repair spent muscles
  • Use as a meal replacement or easy to digest pre-race meal

Typical Dosage: Mix one scoop with 10-12 ounces of water. Use within 30 minutes of exercise or competition.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Sam Xiao (College Station)
The Natural Athletes Clinic

This is the first time I order in The Natural Athletes Clinic. Looks it is much better than Amazon and other online stores. The price for same item is also better than others. I will recommend to my friends.

Thanks Sam for the nice compliments!