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Why You Need To Do Active Recovery!

by Dr. Jason Barker February 23, 2021

Why You Need To Do Active Recovery!

Why is active recovery so important and why do athletes need to do it?

And, what exactly is active recovery?

We'll go over all of this in the video below, plus some recovery myths you should be aware of.


Active recovery entails low intensity types of exercise that help your tissues recover from harder bouts of exercise.

So, this is something you’d do the day after a race or other intense exercise event that’s leaving you feeling sore and worked over.

Passive recovery entails doing nothing, basically just sitting around.

Guess which one is far superior?

Active recovery is!

Here’s why:

  • It promotes blood flow to damaged muscles, speeding healing.

  •  Helps remove metabolic waste products that hinder recovery.

  • Delivers oxygen and other nutrients to tissues that need it most.

  • Assists with tissue remodeling, decreases inflammation and drives production of growth hormone and repair molecules (cytokines).

  • Relieve stiffness and offers temporary pain relief

Active recovery helps rejuvenate spent muscles - it removes wastes, improves blood flow, limits inflammation and oversees tissue repair and regeneration.

In this video, we’ll describe why you need to engage in active recovery, what it does, when you should do it, for how long, and the best types of recovery exercises.

We’ll even cover a couple of recovery myths!

And lastly, we discuss the 3 most important recovery supplements in this video: 

1. Omega-3 fatty acids - help with muscle tissue regeneration.

2. Systemic enzymes - 'clean up' damaged tissue making way for faster repair. 

3. Curcumin - the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory around!


Be sure to follow our suggestions in the video, and incorporate active recovery in your fitness routine - it’ll make a huge difference in your overall performance!

Dr. Jason Barker
Dr. Jason Barker

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