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The Tastiest, Healthiest Nutritional Green Drink We Have!

September 10, 2020 3 min read

The Tastiest, Healthiest Nutritional Green Drink We Have!

As green drinks have become more and more popular with multiple options available, we continue to review and taste test new products.  And, we always go back to the one that makes the best green smoothie - Greens First!

With the introduction of Greens First Pro, this green drink is even better than ever because it contains even more antioxidants than the regular Greens First.

Greens First is a keto-friendly green drink, so it fits well into your keto diet as a keto green smoothie. 

It's an innovative phytonutrient and antioxidant blend of 49 fruits, veggies, extracts and concentrates of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, digestive enzymes, probiotics, spices and both soluble and insoluble fiber.   

It can be tough to get the recommended 5-13 servings of fruits and veggies each day, not to mention obtaining fresh foods that still have all of their nutritional content. Shipping times, time on the shelf and even poor soil quality can contribute to a lower nutritional content of some fresh foods.

This is why we recommend incorporating Greens First into your green smoothie diet - it’s the best tasting and by far the most comprehensive phytonutrient and antioxidant supplement you can get. It’s an excellent way to boost the healthiest nutrients in your diet if you can’t always eat the best foods.

Each ingredient is Certified Organic and the fresh ingredients are juiced, then spray dried to maintain the highest nutrient density including the naturally occurring enzymes. 

Research shows that a high antioxidant diet is associated with lower risk of numerous chronic diseases and can even slow the aging process - think of oxidation as ‘biological rusting’.

Greens First Pro comes in berry, chocolate and original ‘green’ flavor.

We keep each flavor on hand at home depending on which drink we’re making that day - the whole family uses it as well. It’s been especially useful for the teens and younger kids who tend to avoid healthy fresh foods in exchange for simple carbs! 

I use the Berry flavor in our protein smoothies - it goes great with VeganPro Complex -Vanilla which I add fruit and some veggies too.

I’ll use the Chocolate flavor when I’m making a chocolate smoothie with VeganPro Complex- Chocolate

Then, I keep some of the Green flavor around and most of the time I just mix it in cold water for an afternoon energy boost. I love the non-caffeinated lift it provides around 3pm! 

Here’s what’s in Greens First Pro:

Greens Blend:

-Barley grass juice powder
-Chlorella (cracked cell wall)

Vegetable Blend:

-Carrot juice powder
-Cauliflower juice powder
-Broccoli juice powder
-Spinach juice powder
-Parsley Juice Powder
-Kale Juice Powder

OxiSure Blend:

-Carrot Powder
-Green Tea Extract
-Blueberry Powder
-Plum Powder
-Grape Seed Extract 95%
-Cranberry Powder
-Raspberry Powder
-Tart Cherry Powder
-Pine Bark Extract 95%
-Broccoli Powder
-Tomato Powder 2000
-Carrot Powder 1200
-Spinach Powder 700
-Kale Powder
-Brussles Sprout Powder

Fiber Blend:

-Oat Betaglucan (Certified Organic)
-Apple Fiber Pectin
-Brown Rice Bran

Enzyme Blend:

-Bromelain Extract (80 GDU Per Gram)

ReversaMax Blend:

-Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract (25% trans-Resveratrol)
-Acerola Cherry Powder (Certified Organic)
-Concord Grape Powder

Additional Ingredients:

-Lecthin (Non-GMO soy)
-Quercetin (98% Dihydrate)
-Aloe Leaf powder
-Sprouted Barley
-Milk thistle seed extract (10% Silymarin)
-Turmeric Rhizome extract (85%) curcuminoids
-Green tea extract
-Red beet root
-Atlantic Kelp powder
-Cinnamon powder
-Licorice root extract

We love Greens First - we truly use it every day in a healthy green smoothie or as an afternoon pick me up - we taste-tested several 'green drink' products on the market and it was unanimous that Greens First was the tastiest, and not to mention had the most diverse ingredients of any of them. We've been using it for the last 15 years, and nothing beats it!

Taste is important to us because if it doesn't taste good no one will drink it - and if the kids like the flavor I guarantee you will too.

Give it a try - it will seriously boost your energy and the nutritional value of your diet!

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