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Slow The Aging Process With Longevity Formula

September 05, 2023 2 min read

Slow The Aging Process With Longevity Formula

Nobody wants to age, but what if you could put the brakes on the aging process? That’s what Mountain Peak Nutritionals Longevity formula does!

Longevity contains the top 5 most clinically relevant anti-aging nutrients available. Each ingredient was selected based on its favorable research outcomes in the field of anti-aging medicine. And, each ingredient is included in this formula at clinically effective doses, so you can be sure you’re getting enough of each to make a difference in your vitality, energy and wellbeing.

Best Uses for Longevity Formula:

  • As part of a successful anti-aging program
  • People under high oxidative stress - athletes, or anyone who ‘burns the candle at both ends
  • Helps produce energy at the cellular level
  • Provides potent antioxidants

Here's How Longevity Formula Works: 

Healthy Aging Formula
Coenzyme Q-10 is much like a vitamin and is found in high concentrations in our most metabolically active organs - the heart, kidney, pancreas and liver. It works as an antioxidant but most importantly it's the final compound needed for the production of our body’s energy currency, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Our ability to generate Coenzyme Q10 decreases with age and there is clinical evidence that CoQ10 deficiency has an influence on diseases of aging.

Acetyl-L-carnitine is converted into L-carnitine in the body and serves as an important factor in our ability to burn fat and produce energy. L-carnitine escorts fat molecules (long chain fatty acids) into the mitochondria (our cells’ energy production centers) so it can be burned for energy. It’s also a precursor to acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) and helps with production of neurotransmitters and slows degeneration while supporting regeneration and repair of brain cells (neurons). Lastly, it supports peripheral nerve health as well, protecting nerves from the ravages of aging.

Resveratrol 50% is a polyphenol, or specialized component of plant pigments. It's most commonly derived from grapes (and subsequently found in wine). Resveratrol is perhaps the most famous and clinically relevant of all the anti-aging compounds.

Longevity formula contains the strongest form of resveratrol available that contains 200 milligrams of 50% trans-resveratrol in comparison to the standard 500mg of 20% trans-resveratrol that’s normally found in other anti-aging products.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid is our body’s only fat and water soluble antioxidant. It's important because of its ability to regenerate other antioxidants like vitamin C, glutathione, and vitamin E. It has widespread anti-aging and antioxidant effects throughout the body.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme with multiple anti-aging effects throughout the body. It supports the repair of damaged or aging tissues.

Mountain Peak Nutritrionals Longevity formula provides the top 5 best researched anti-aging nutrients, in clinically significant doses.  These nutrients will contribute a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-aging and energy-producing effect to help you age gracefully and to combat age-related degeneration. Give it a try and see how you feel!

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