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Prolotherapy Strengthens Weakened Tendons & Ligaments

January 12, 2011 1 min read

Prolotherapy Strengthens Weakened Tendons & Ligaments

Tendons and Ligaments are notoriously slow/poor at healing. When they get injured, the body does what it can to repair them. However, because of their poor blood supply, they often heal incompletely.

The most common injuries are strains and sprains, as well as tears. There are many ways to heal from these injuries. However, if healing is incomplete, these once strong and tight tissues become lax, weak and painful.

The good news is that these injuries that don’t respond to conservative treatment (rest, ice, physical therapies, etc) can be repaired with a natural technique called prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy involves injecting a solution into the damaged area. The solution works to directly repair and regenerate healthy tissue. Once repaired, tendons and ligaments are stronger and quite often the person is able to return pain-free to their sport.

More recently, prolotherapy is experiencing resurgence in popularity because of its simple, safe approach, as well as its benefits in resolving pain and keeping people active.

Prolotherapy is useful for a number of conditions involving tendons and ligaments, depending on their nature. Thus, getting a proper diagnosis of the issue is important in order to determine if prolotherapy is indicated.

Prolotherapy is a specialty procedure that not all doctors perform, so you may need to ask around for someone that does this. Dr. Barker is one of the few doctors in Colorado that offers this unique treatment.

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