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OsteoPrime Ultra for Superior Bone Strength & Health

October 15, 2019 2 min read

OsteoPrime Ultra for Superior Bone Strength & Health

Integrative Therapeutics OsteoPrime Ultra is one of the most comprehensive bone supportive formulas available. It contains every single ingredient needed for optimal bone growth, health and maintenance. 

Only taking a calcium supplement for your bones leaves a lot of nutrition on the table! OsteoPrime Ultra features clinically relevant amounts of each ingredient, and each ingredient is provided in it’s most biologically active form (many other supplement manufacturers put inactive, cheap forms of nutrients in their products to cut cost, and unfortunately they are of little to no benefit to you!).

Best Uses for OsteoPrime Ultra:

  • For supporting strong bones in women of all ages
  • Speeding up fracture healing
  • Ward off thinning bones in female athletes

Here’s How OsteoPrime Ultra Works:

Vitamin K2 in this formula is an exclusive patented form of vitamin K2 known as MenaQ7 - it’s much more readily absorbed than regular vitamin K1. Vitamin K plays a central role in calcium metabolism and health bone structure.

Calcium is provided in this formula in 5 different forms. Simply put, the more diverse forms of calcium allow for greater use in the body. There is no one, single ‘best’ form of calcium. And, differing forms of calcium are absorbed in varying rates by the GI tract. By providing different forms of calcium in this formula, you can be sure you’re absorbing all the calcium you need.

22 additional supportive nutrients including vitamins, trace minerals and additional key nutrients that aren’t found in other bone-specific supplements are included for optimal bone health.

This formula can be taken on an empty stomach and absorption will not be affected. However, if you’re particular sensitive to supplements than taking with food is completely acceptable and this won’t affect absorption either.

OsteoPrime Ultra is the ideal bone health supplement for anyone who wants to ensure they’re getting every single nutrient, in clinically effective amounts for keeping their bones strong.

Try this bone supporting supplement today!

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