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Immune Support in Viral Times

April 22, 2020 3 min read

Immune Support in Viral Times

How to Support Your Immune System in Viral Times - Video and Blog


There’s something missing from the conversation around the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The advice we’re getting is far from actual health advice. We’ve been told to wash our hands frequently, not touch our face and avoid crowded areas.

I hope you’ve always washed your hands…don’t get me wrong, that’s great advice, always.

And yes, I’ve long told people not to touch their face without very clean hands. 

Avoided crowded areas? Always a good idea when many people are sick. And that is super important right now. 

But there’s been absolutely nothing mentioned about how we can improve our health so that in turn, our immune system can do its job.

You see, despite the fears of this illness reaching a fever pitch, people are still:

  • Consuming dead, processed, sugar-laden foods
  • Not getting adequate sleep
  • Avoiding or skipping exercise and maintaining fitness
  • Not practicing a mental-emotional wellness plan, i.e. stress management

There are numerous studies showing that a poor diet, inadequate sleep, unchecked stress and lack of fitness depress immune function. Meaning, when these factors are at play, the immune system is less responsive, less resilient and less powerful.

So, why aren’t doctors talking about this? I guess because it’s so challenging getting people to change their lifestyles. Even if it means preventing illness and disease. FYI the above mentioned factors also go a long way toward preventing chronic illnesses as well.

But, let’s assume you’re already doing the above - you eat well, exercise regularly, get 8 hours of sleep and manage your stress as best you can. What else can you do?

I’m glad you asked! Similar to these supportive lifestyle issues, there are several nutrients and natural medicines that can support immunity.

Yes, I know, “there’s no evidence that those things fight the coronavirus”. You’re right - there are no direct studies - yet. But, we do know that the following items have good activity against viral illnesses in general. So, why wouldn’t you incorporate them anyway, to confer extra protection?

Here’s what we use at home as soon as someone starts having symptoms of a viral illness: 

Viral Immune contains some of the strongest natural anti-viral nutrients available, all in one capsule. It also contains anti-inflammatory nutrients and enzymes to remove the mess that a virus can make in your body.
Dose: 1 capsule three times daily

Acute Immune is a potent combination of immune-boosting botanical medicines, vitamins and minerals that target bacteria and viruses.
Dose: 2 capsules three times daily

Monolaurin is an anti-microbial agent that may protect the immune system from a range of infectious agents. It works great for preventing and killing off viral illnesses - it’s derived from a fatty acid (lauric acid) found naturally in breast milk and certain vegetable oils. 
Dose: 600 milligrams twice daily

Vitamin D has long been established as a key player in immune function. Vitamin D receptors are found on a number of immune cells, supporting healthy immune cell activation.
Dose: 5,000 units daily

Vitamin C has also been studied extensively - the evidence shows it can prevent or alleviate infections of viral or bacterial nature if taken in large, divided doses throughout the day.
Dose: 4-8 grams in divided doses, daily

Garlic is perhaps one of our best natural antibiotics that has broad spectrum effects against viruses and bacteria. 
Dose: 9,000 milligrams of a high-allicin garlic supplement daily

Melatonin - we include melatonin because of it’s sleep-inducing effects. Getting deep, restful sleep is important for the immune system and the body’s ability to combat illness.
Dose: 3-6 milligrams at bedtime.

Zinc inhibits viral replication in the respiratory tract. It's also been shown to reduce the incidence of pneumonia and can shorten intensity and duration of cold viruses.  You can take zinc as a supplement or as lozenge - they need to be taken as soon as symptoms start, and every two hours while a person is fighting an infection. 

Dose: 30mg twice daily or a 10-15mg lozenge every 2 hours. **Do not take for more than a few days, excess zinc is toxic!

This protocol has worked well - at home and in the clinic. I've found that we can make a lot of illness much shorter and a lot less severe using this regimen.

Please note - these are very general suggestions and don’t take in account a person’s individual health factors. Always consult your doctor on what’s best for your health.

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