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How To Cure Acne, Naturally

June 04, 2020 2 min read

How To Cure Acne, Naturally

Acne - while common during the teenage years, it can persist well into adulthood.  

Conventional medicine's treatment always involves either long-term antibiotic treatment, and/or birth control for women.  Both of these therapies are akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.

Rather, our approach is to look at the root cause of acne and treat it from within the body.  

Here are the most clinically effective ways I've used in clinic for the last 20 years to cure acne naturally and for real.

Skin is our largest organ, and one of our main organs of elimination. We secrete all kinds of stuff onto our skin to keep it healthy - we even secrete biological toxins that we either consume through the food and water we ingest or create inside. 

A person's skin is a direct reflection of their internal health - think about it - if our pet's coat is full, shiny and soft we can make a good assumption that its doing well health-wise. The same can be said for people, too. 

Doctors are trained to make a note of a person's skin as part of the examination. We pay attention to the temperature, moisture, dryness, texture, and whether there are any visible lesions.  All of this provides a clue as to what's going on inside.  

Conventional medicine typically prescribes steroids to suppress an outbreak, antibiotics (that kill all the bacteria in the gut) to kill bacteria on the skin, and birth control pills to wrestle a woman's hormones into submission. 

None of these approaches address the root causes of acne!

I'll explain how your diet, including the types of foods you eat, can affect your skin in this video.  I'll also give a few suggestions on some natural substances & medicines you can use to keep your skin free from acne, for good.

If you clean up your diet and get these nutrients into your regimen, acne and the underlying inflammation in your skin will resolve and your skin will be very clear!

Watch the video below and learn how to treat acne naturally.

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