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Back To The Basics Multivitamin-Mineral

October 02, 2023 2 min read

Back To The Basics Multivitamin-Mineral

Everyone can benefit from a multivitamin-mineral supplement.

We all have individual biochemical ‘glitches’ that may keep us from absorbing every single nutrient we need. These can be due to differences in what nutrients we eat, how we digest them, absorb and assimilate them - just because we eat it, doesn't mean we absorb it!

This is where supplementation comes in handy. That being said, it should be easy, too. 

This is why we love Thorne’s Basic Nutrients 2/Day - it’s got everything you need in only two capsules a day.

One of the other awesome things about this multivitamin-mineral is that it has the NSF Certified for Sport® badge, ensuring that it’s free of over 200 banned substances for competitive athletes. So, you can feel safe taking this vitamin if you’re a professional competitor.

Lastly, you can think of this multivitamin-mineral as inexpensive health insurance.  It’s tough to get the recommended five servings of fruits and veggies, along with other nutrient rich foods if you’re busy or travelling.

The nutrients contained in this vitamin are the purest and best absorbed forms of each, without all the binders, fillers and other junk found in most other multivitamin-minerals.
Continue reading to learn about the benefits of multivitamin-mineral supplements.

Reasons to take a multivitamin:

  • Athletes need approximately twice the micronutrients a sedentary person needs.
  • Convenient 2 capsules a day dosing - take in the AM with some food, or you can take 1 in the AM and 1 with dinner.
  • Keep your diet rich in nutrients when you don’t have time to eat as well as you normally do.
  • Support your immune system with the clinically significant levels of vitamin A, C, D, zinc and selenium, among others.
  • Feel confident knowing that this supplement is super clean - there’s nothing in here except what’s listed on the label, in the exact amount written
Skip the one-a-day multivitamin tablets - chances are it’s held together with shellac (that’s what you put on wood to make it shiny) and full of other binding agents (glues) and gross preservatives to make it look pretty. You really don’t need any of that stuff!

Be sure to take it with food and plenty of water to maximize absorption and utilization of the nutrients.

Another one of our favorite multivitamin-minerals is Mountain Peak's Ultra High; it's also loaded with everything you need for energy, metabolism, antioxidants and it even has some probiotics in it.

A good, foundational supplement protocol also includes a probiotic and fish oil along with a good multivitamin-mineral Stay healthy!

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