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Athletic Pure Pack is Your Answer to Supplement Convenience

July 03, 2018 2 min read

Athletic Pure Pack is Your Answer to Supplement Convenience

Two of the biggest challenges I see when people try to follow a supplement regimen are remembering to take them in the first place, and then travelling with all those separate bottles.  And as I tell my patients in clinic, just having specialized supplements in your kitchen cabinet won’t help you, you’ve got to get them in your body!

One good solution that I recommend for my athletic patients that find themselves on the road a lot is Pure Encapsulation’s Athletic Pure Pack. If you’re tired of hauling 10 separate supplement bottles around with you, check these out!

Each packet (you get a 30 day supply) contains everything anon-the-go athlete needs:

  • Multivitamin-mineral
  • Extra vitamin C
  • Trace minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Glutamine
  • Essential fatty acids
  • CoQ10

A good multivitamin is an important place to start if you’re going to take anything. Even if your diet is great, each of us still has various biochemical glitches that can impede how we assimilate and process the nutrients we ingest. You can think of a multi as ‘nutrient insurance’, so you get everything you need. And, due to our higher and faster metabolism, athletes require a bit more in the nutrient department that sedentary people.

For travellers, the extra vitamin C (1,125mg) is useful for that extra edge to fight the bugs off. Vitamin C is also helpful for increasing nitric oxide, one of our key molecules for increasing blood flow into the tissues.

Similar to vitamin C, glutamine is an important amino acid for gut and overall immune health. Many of the viral and bacterial illnesses we encounter gain access through the gut; intense exercise and the stress of travel can deplete our glutamine reserves. It makes total sense to dose up on glutamine when traveling and training.

There’s also a decent dose of essential fatty acids derived from fish oil – omega 3 fats help promote the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body. If you’re traveling and hostage to a more inflammatory diet, extra omega-3 fats can help keep your fatty acids in balance while you’re traveling.

CoQ10 is always a good idea to keep energy levels up – it’s the final chemical Convenient Supplement Packets for Athletesused to produce ATP, our body’s energy currency.  Combined with Kre-Alkalyn and alpha lipoic acid, these nutrients act as potent inducers of ATP production and can also buffer metabolic acids – in short, they’ll help you withstand and recover from intense bouts of fitness that you’re more likely to do while traveling, due to shortened windows of time allowed for fitness.

Similarly, Athletic Pure Packs contain the methylated forms of vitamin B12 and Folate, so you can actually utilize these important B-vitamins for energy production.

The icing on the cake in Athletic Pure Packs are the grape seed and superfruit antioxidants to neutralize the effects of free radicals generated during training, lessening occasional muscle soreness and fatigue.

Athletic Pure Packs are great for travel, but if you’re looking for convenience in your supplement regimen, these are of course just fine for everyday use as well.

The contents can be taken all at once, or throughout the day – just make sure you take them food to help with assimilation of the nutrients.

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