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Natural Remedies For Depression

Depression natural remedies are an effective choice for mild to moderate depression. Prescription antidepressants, while effective in some, also come with a lot of side effects that can be difficult to tolerate.

Prescription Side Effects

The most common side effects from prescription antidepressants include weight gain and lack of sex drive. Additionally, people taking them report not being able to feel anything emotionally, or report being completely fatigued.

Some people absolutely need prescription antidepressants, some for longer than others. Regardless, if you suffer from mild to moderate depression, using natural treatments for depression can help quite a bit, often eliminating the need for prescriptions. We offer a full selection of mood boosting supplements including Super EPA, GABA, 5-HTP and more. Browse below and view our all-natural supplements for depression.

Causes Of Depression

Symptoms Of Depression

Natural Treatment Of Depression

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