Children's Health

Little athletes get sick too - we have a number of natural remedies for children.

There are a handful of natural remedies for children that every active household should have on hand.  After all, there’s more to children’s health than just vaccinations! These days it seems like parents are encouraged to vaccinate their kids, and little else is provided in the way of prevention and wellness.

Keeping kids healthy can be a challenge. Do you ever wonder what other ways there are to keep your child healthy from day to day? With more and more children's medicines being pulled off the shelves due to their potential for harm or contamination, natural remedies for children are a safer way to go.

Natural remedies for children are ideal because they are gentle and effective.

Kids Natural Health

Kids do get sick more often; however how much is too much? You can keep them from getting sick as often by doing a few key things:

1. Keep the sugar to a minimum. Sugar doesn’t boost immune function, and eating tons of it makes the body a better place for bugs to live!

2. Lots of sleep. How much sleep do your kids get? Just about ALL younger children need 10+ hours of sleep. That means bedtime at 9!

3. Exercise and fresh air. Get them outside. Open the windows. Yes, even in the winter. Being out in the cold DOES NOT cause illness. Staying inside with stale air and not getting enough exercise will, however.

4. Nutrition. Everyone knows we need good nutrition to be healthy. Unfortunately the majority of food choices presented to kids at school are sweets, simple carbs and other processed junk foods. These are not foods that promote health. Fresh foods, whole foods, ‘real’ foods do.

Natural Remedies for Children

Yes, kids need supplements too, especially if they refuse to eat well, or get sick often.

Here are some things that help them stay healthy:

When it seems like everyone is sick (during the school year), we use a natural children’s immune system booster.
It is awesome! Keeps them healthy, and when they do get sick, clears them up rapidly.

Probiotics are really important for keeping the gut, and in turn, the rest of the body healthy. Everyone, including adults should take a probiotic.  They crowd out the bad bugs, keeping them from gaining a foothold in your body.

Is your kid one who gets an upset stomach all the time?  GI comfort is a natural blend of all things soothing to the stomach. It will get the little peoples' stomach feeling better, fast.

Lastly, essential fatty acids are great for the brain, mood and eyes in kids. We have fish oil that is blended with berries (and one that is blended with tropical fruits); it’s super tasty and kids have no idea it has fish oil in it.

Natural remedies for children can help keep your kids healthier, period. Alternative medicine for children can be a safe and effective part of their healthcare. 

Lastly, if your child has rashes, eczema, asthma, frequent digestive problems and other chronic, but unsolvable health conditions, a Food Allergy Test may help you understand which foods are contributing to these problems.

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